Chairman's Message

“Walking today amidst Tokyo’s bustling streets and skyscrapers. It is hard to believe that only 150 years ago it was little more than a provincial town. Even harder to think that in 1923 it was devastated by one of the century’s worst earthquake or that the city would soon afterwards feel the effects of a disastrous war MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao has been one of the many Japanese success stories written during the period of reconstruction that followed horrors”.



I also remember my old days. My family was a farmer, and we were so poor that we could hardly live even one-day long. 60 years ago, I started a small business in the north countryside of Kyoto Prefecture in Japan. While the capital was small, my business grew up, and now we became the comprehensive entertainment corporation, which has over 300 branches and 17 honorable golf courses and about 15,000 staffs. As I have watched such MARUHAN’s interest grow and diversify, I have observed that every one of our successes can be attributed to Hungry Spirit and Challenging Spirit and ingrained commitment to excellence and I am proud to say that MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao’s commitment and performance of past seven years are continuing this trend.

Whether it is through our commitment to excellence, capacity building and the raising of standards, the expertise and resources we are delivering to Laotian people and people doing business in Lao PDR, or the work being done under our role-model CSR programs, I hope, and I am that MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao will contribute to the growth of both Lao PDR and the ASEAN Region.


Finally, as we review the nineth year of operation for MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao it seems like a good time to express my appreciation for all the support we’ve received during our nineth year of operation. My thanks go to the management and staff of MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao for their commitment, dedication, and perseverance.



I would like to express, on behalf of MARUHAN Japan Bank of Lao PDR and the Government of Lao People’s Democratic Republic for their advice, guidance and support.