Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

MARUHAN Japan Bank Laos commitment to building the business on a solid foundation on giving back to the community continues in all its endeavours. As one of the leading banks with a clear mindset to give back to the community, MARUHAN Japan Bank Laos believes that sustainable value is created when business is conducted in a responsible manner that seeks to achieve mutually supportive outcomes for all its stakeholders. When the business of the Bank is conducted with integrity, its reputation and standing are enhanced, leading to greater competitiveness and creating sustainable returns in the long run for all its stakeholders.


For the Bank, corporate social responsibility means building a business model that is focused on delivering value creation over the long term for its customers, employees, shareholders, society, and environment.


During the year, MARUHAN Japan Bank Laos continues to maintain sustainable practices in its core business of banking which is well demonstrated in its support to its customers, its engagement with its employees, its contribution to the communities in which it operates, and the conservation of the environment. 


MARUHAN Japan Bank Laos philosophy is to drive social support within every aspect of our organization in a responsible manner. We do this by using our business resources responsibly; to improve the environment, provide opportunities and generate hope within the communities in which we work. This commitment includes being a role model employer and service provider, setting new standards in terms of commitment to corporate and social responsibility, and providing both financial and in-kind assistance to worthy programs and organizations operating in Lao PDR.


Our corporate and social responsibility program is in line with our ASEAN regional strategy – we operate locally but provide a network of benefits that create an impact well beyond individual countries.