Loan TypePersonal Loan
Loan LimitLAK 40.000.000 – 50.000.000
Interest Rate13-14% per year
Tenure1 year or 12 Months.
Fees Processing Fee 1% of Approved Loan Limit.
Collateral Evaluation Fee 2% of Approved Loan Limit.
PurposesIncreate new business and working capital, Family’s expenses, Buy tool and equipment, Education, Decorate house, Repair car and any personal purpose
CollateralLand Permanent Title
Supporting DocumentsFamily book (Copy), ID Card (Copy), Resident certified letter, Passport (Copy), Employee certified letter or Staff’s card
Financial Document
(If any)
Bank statement related with salary during 1 year backward or Salary slip at least 3 months.
Documents Related With any Loan (If any)Lending agreement, Security agreement, Loan schedule and related documents.
OthersAny document and information by bank requirement