Walking today amidst Tokyo’s bustling streets and skyscrapers, it is hard to believe that only 140 years ago it was little more than a provincial town. Even harder to think that in 1923 it was devastated by one of the century’s worst earthquakes – or that the city would soon afterward feel the effects of a disastrous war. Despite all of these hardships the city is a success story and has grown and prospered into one of the world’s most exciting commercial hubs.

MARUHAN Japan Bank Plc. is also a Japanese success story. Founded, with its headquarters in Cambodia, in 2008, we have already achieved our aim of supporting the economic growth of Cambodia and now have spread our wings into Myanmar, where we opened a representative office in Yangon in July 2012.

Now, as part of our long-term strategy to provide industry-leading banking services across the ASEAN region, we have launched MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao in Vientiane, Lao PDR.

So, it is with a sense of excitement that I see MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao poised to offer beneficial financial partnerships and high-level support to the visionary investors who are seeking to contribute to the development of Lao PDR.

We assure you that we share your vision and ambitions for the future of Lao PDR and we hope that the opening of our bank will help to build a future for Vientiane and Lao PDR will be as bright and prosperous as that of Tokyo.

Finally, as I have watched the interests of MARUHAN Group grow and diversify from humble beginnings in a small town north of Kyoto, into a large multi-national group, I have observed that every one of our successes can be attributed to an ingrained commitment to excellence. I promise you all that our commitment to excellence in Lao PDR will be no different.

Chang – Woo HAN
韓 昌祐