Saving for a child today is a wonderful gift for their future. Not only can they start their adult lives with some savings in hand, but getting kids involved early with saving also helps them learn important lessons about money. Maruhan Japan Bank Lao would like to offer a very special product that you can save for your children future with the condition as below:

Interest Rate5.00%3.00%2.00%
Initial Deposit100,00010500

  • Any parents or individuals can open an account for their children, aged less than 15 years old by bringing their household registration book to prove and confirm children’s profiles.
  • Children’s Saving Account can be used until they are 18 years old while a minimum period of deposits: 5 years.
  • You can deposit regularly without any limitations of deposit transaction and amount.
  • The interest will be paid on December 31 to their accounts.
  • If closing the account before 3 months calculated from the opening date, the interest may not be paid.
  • If closing the account after 3 months calculated from the opening date while not up to 5 years, the interest may be paid by saving interest rate, based on each currency deposit. In the meantime, the bank may collect back any interest being paid from the account holder. The charge must be applied due to the account being closed before the due date: 10.000 LAK/ 1 USD/ 40 THB/Account/time.
  • If closing the account after 5 years or children due to 18-year-old the interest should be paid contractually.

For more information: +856 (21) 411777, +856 (21) 266000